About Us

We are big fans of home automation, we strongly believe that smart homes are happier, safer, more secure, more comfortable and the technology adds to the value of your property on the market.

Struggled with many devices from many different brands and having various applications to control devices, become frustrating and confusing, even using voice assistants very often we forgot the name of a particular device. During the lockdown, we decided to start a project, were a single app can control the entire smart home no matter of the device brand, in a secure way, without installing a Hub, Raspberry, or any other hard to configure and maintain options. I wanted a solution where all brands can live together using a house floor plan image (I think that an image says more than one hundred words).

We strive to develop a solution that fulfills your needs, and very glad if you choose to use it.

We open to hearing from you about any feedback or recommendation.

Guillermo Campos